Vol. LXXXIII.    No 48
Friday, July 28th, 1922
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Tonduff Ambush
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On the afternoon of Friday, July 28,1922, a landmine was detonated on the main Portlaoise to Abbeyleix Road.

The explosion was the start of a conflict between former comrades who, just a few months earlier, had fought side-by-side against the British army and its paramilitary allies.

By the end of the day, two army commanders and a 22-year-old private, who enlisted just 17 days earlier, were dead.

What became known as the Tonduff Ambush was part of a wider series of tragic events that have reverberated through Irish history for more than a century.

The Tonduff story is not only about young men and women who fought for their vision of Irish nationhood but it also addresses the context and consequences of what happened on that summer day in July 1922.
Portrait photo of Colonel MF Gantly in his military uniform.
A group of soldiers by an armoured car at Roscrea Castle in 1922.
Portrait photo of Jeremiah (Darby) Collison